The Trees

Trees are a very important part of the atmosphere and culture in Copley Square. They provide beauty for visitors, habitats for animals, and a shady spot to lounge on a hot summer day. In 2011, a Consultant hired by the Friends of Copley Square, and endorsed by the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department, undertook an investigation to identify the cause of leaf damage occurring on numerous trees in the Square. The Consultant was able to find various causes of the blight on the trees, and recommended a treatment program. Together, the Friends of Copley Square and the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department developed a plan for treating some of the trees, and replacing the others.


The Friends of Copley Square was able to fund, with significant contributions from the Garden Club of the Back Bay and its members, the overseeing of the treatment program to inoculate thirty-one trees in an effort to cure and preserve them. The Boston Parks and Recreation Department determined it was necessary to remove twenty trees that city officials concluded could not be saved. These trees were removed in May of 2011 and the Parks Department planted replacements for the twenty trees.

Maintenance of the trees includes pruning, surfactant treatments, winterization, and insect treatments. Keeping up with maintenance can become difficult because it is a very costly process. The Friends of Copley Square work day in and day out to help keep the beauty of the park. Your donations help make this process possible.